Smoking Accessories Defined

Accessories for smoking are the biggest asset to any smoker. An accessory can improve your smoke, enhancing your smoking experience. Smoking accessories that’s known to actually improve/enhance your smoking experience are vaporizers, smoking oils, and flavored blunt wraps. Pipes, bongs, grinders and other accessories are not considered to make your smoking experience better because they simply aid to your smoking needs. They’re still great assets though. :)


A Quick Guide – Vaporizers dramatically reduces or completely eliminates the release of harmful constituents from smoke of any herb. Vaporizers are the best known smoking method alternative. They absorb more of the quality chemical compounds that you are looking for.

In-Depth Guide – Instead of burning the herb, which can produce by-products that are irritating, toxic, and carcinogenic (cancer prone). Vaporizers heat up the material into a partial vacuum to boil off the active compounds that are in the plant into a vapor, giving you twice as much of the wanted chemical compounds than the average smoking method would. Not much smoke or taste is present because of the combustion that occurs in the process. Ideally, the vapor contains virtually zero particulate matter or tar. So concentrations of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide are greatly lowered. Vaporization is the newest and healthiest smoking method alternative. Every smoker longs to have a vaporizer for themselves.

Smoking Oils

Smoking oils makes any herbal smoke flavorful, STRONGER and more POTENT. Smoking oils are to be added to your favorite smoke or applied to the outside of a cigarette for an exotic smoking pleasure. Only a couple drops is needed per session to get the job done.

Flavored Blunt Wraps

The only benefit a blunt wrap has on improving your smoking experience is the flavor it brings. Flavored blunt wraps are great for a tasteful smoking session. Nothing is better then licking your lips after a puff and tasting the flavor.

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